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NewROCKEFELLER, JOHN D. (1839-1937)

# 6176

American Industrialist & Philanthropist; Founder of Standard Oil Company

FLAGLER, HENRY M. (1830-1913) American Industrialist; A Founder of Standard Oil Company; Founded what became the Florida East Coast Railway; Instrumental in the Development of Florida

Signed Twice by Henry M. Flagler

Document Signed, 7 ¾” x 15”, New York, April 5, 1882, “J.D. Rockefeller,” as president of the Standard Oil Trust, a partly printed certificate for one hundred shares of company stock, issued to “W.P. Thompson.” Countersigned by company secretary “H.M. Flagler,” with a second signature on the attached stub at left, “H.M. Flagler,” as attorney on behalf of Mr. Thompson.

Diagonal cut cancellations, with no loss of paper, affecting both signatures; several light folds.

Price: $4000.00