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ADAMS, LOUISA C. (1775-1852)

# 6783

U.S. First Lady – 1825-29

Autograph Letter Signed, 8” x 10”, with a seldom-seen second form of her signature, “Wife of John Quincy Adams,” added at the conclusion. Graciously writing to the wife of the politically connected Benjamin Ogle Tayloe, the former first lady sends an engraving for Mrs. Tayloe’s collection.

Quincy [Massachusetts], 28th Oct[o]ber, 1842. Herewith I have the pleasure my Dear Madam to send you the promised engraving to be placed so flatteringly in your elegant Collection of Autographs, where I shall have the gratification of shining, at least through a reflected light, among the brilliant luminaries who so greatly adorn your Book. In the hope of soon meeting you and Mr. Tayloe in Washington; permit me to offer the sentiment of regard of Louisa Catherine Adams. Wife of John Quincy Adams.”

Although the engraving mentioned is no longer present, this letter is accompanied by a 3 ¼” x 6 ¼” address panel, also addressed by Mrs. Adams, to “Mrs. B.O. Tayloe, Washington.”

The letter has a few light water stains and small edge tears, detracting very little from excellent overall condition.


ADDAMS, JANE (1860-1935)

# 6845

American Social Reformer & Feminist; Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize - 1931

Signature, inscribed, “To Harriet Hull, from Jane Addams, Hull House, Chicago,” on a light 3 ¼” x 5” card.

Slightly irregular toning along the left edge.


CHURCHILL, SARAH JENNINGS, DUCHESS OF MARLBOROUGH (1660-1744) Influential English Noblewoman; Wife of John Churchill, First Duke of Marlborough; Close Friend of Queen Anne of England; Ancestor of Winston Churchill

# 8182

Original Engraving, 5 ½” x 9” overall, with a 3 ¾” x 4 ¾” image of Sarah, imprinted, in full:

“Engraved by S. Freeman. SARAH JENNINGS, DUCHESS OF MARLBOROUGH. OB 1744. FROM THE ORIGINAL OF SIR PETER LELY, IN THE COLLECTION OF HIS GRACE, THE DUKE OF MARLBOROUGH. London, Published May 1, 1826, by Harding, Lepard, & Co., Pall Mall East.”

Lightly and evenly toned, with minor staining in the margins.

Price: $25.00


# 6605

U.S. First Lady – 1886-89 & 1893-97

Signed Photograph, 4 ¼” x 6”, as First Lady, “M.W.J. – from - Frances F. Cleveland, 1894,” a cabinet photo imprinted Copyright by C.M. Bell on the lower edge of the image.

The image is unaffected by minor wear and chipping to the edges of the mount.


COOLIDGE, GRACE (1879-1957)

# 7831

U.S. First Lady - 1923-29

World War II Dated Signed Envelope – August 5, 1944

Signed Envelope, 3 ½” x 6 ½”, “Grace Coolidge,” a franking signature, with the typewritten address, “Chilson’s Shops, 34 Center Street, Northampton, Massachusetts,” and bearing a Williamsburg, Massachusetts, August 5, 1944 postmark.

The envelope is lightly and evenly toned, with a few superficial stains, and there is light wear and minor separation at the edges. The postmark intersects Mrs. Coolidge’s signature, which remains a fine example that can be dated to World War II.


CUSTER, ELIZABETH B. (1842-1933)

# 6784

Wife of 7th Cavalry Lieutenant Colonel George A. Custer; Author of Numerous Books on Her Husband and the American West

Mrs. Custer Asks for an Application to Join the Daughters of the American Revolution

Autograph Letter Signed, 1 ½ pages, on two separate 5” x 6 ½” sheets. Well into her eighties, Mrs. Custer writes to obtain an application to join the Daughters of the American Revolution.

71 Park Avenue, N.Y., August 28 [1927]. Miss Blanche Edwards, My dear Miss Edwards, My cousin Mrs. Bingham has long wanted me to be a Daughter of the American Revolution and has been so good as to make it possible by searching records. I shall be glad to have the blanks for application when it is convenient for you to send them. Thanking you in advance I am very sincerely yours, Elizabeth B. Custer.”

Both sheets have a horizontal fold at the center and heavier toning along the edges. The accompanying transmittal envelope, 3 ½” x 5 ¼”, addressed by Mrs. Custer, to “Miss Blanche Edwards, Abiline, Kansas,” has general soiling and wear, along with a tear at the upper edge, near the August 29, 1927, Grand Central Station, New York postmark.



# 6602

First Lady of the Confederacy

DAVIS, VARINA ANNE (1864-1898)  Daughter of Jefferson & Varina Davis; Known as the “Daughter of the Confederacy”

Signed Album Page, 4” x 7”, “Varina Jefferson Davis.,” also signed and dated by the Davis’s daughter, Winnie, at their Mississippi home, “Varina Anne Davis, Beauvoir, Miss., Nov 5th 1893,” with the collector’s biographical notations in the lower margin.

Overall condition is excellent, with light, even toning.


DYE, EVA EMERY (1855-1947)

# 7801

American Historian, Suffragist, and Writer; Best known as the author of “Conquest: The True Story of Lewis & Clark”

Autograph Note Signed, 4 ¾”x 7 ¼”, undoubtedly a page from her book, “McLoughlin and Old Oregon.” Published in 1900, the book portrayed and romanticized the life of Dr. John McLoughlin, early Oregon settler later known as “The Father of Oregon,” whose general store in Oregon City was the last stop on the Oregon Trail.

“May we all emulate the virtues of this benevolent despot. Your friend, the author, Eva Emery Dye. Oregon City, Oregon, July 31, 1924.”

The page is lightly and evenly toned, with minor staining in the margins and at the edges.

Was: $95.00  SALE Price:  $65.00
List Price: $95.00

FIELD, KATE (1838-96)

# 6842

American Journalist, Lecturer & Actress

Autograph Quotation Signed, on a 1 ¾” x 3 ¾” card.

“The price of success is industry. Kate Field.”

The card is lightly and evenly toned, with a light stain at the signature, and there is old glue staining on the reverse.


HOOVER, LOU HENRY (1874-1944)

# 6533

U.S. First Lady - 1929-33

Signed White House Card, 2 ¾” x 4 ¼”, as First Lady, “Lou Henry Hoover.”

Overall condition is very good, both front and reverse, with light, even toning and an area or two of very minor soiling.

The card is sold with the transmittal envelope and a typed letter from Mrs. Hoover’s secretary, dated January 27, 1933, sending the autograph. Both pieces bear White House embossing and the typewritten address, “Mrs. J.G. McCreery, East Lawn Sanitarium, Northville, Michigan.”



# 6840

Wife of Confederate Lieutenant General Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson

Autograph Letter Signed, two pages, on individual 5” x 8” sheets, with social content to a recipient identified only as Mrs. Norcross. It is very likely that Mrs. Jackson was in California at this time to be near her daughter, Julia Jackson Christian, shortly before she gave birth to a daughter, also named Julia, on June 5, 1887.

San Diego, California, March 21st 1887. My dear Mrs. Norcross, Yours of the 13th has just found me in California! as you will see from the heading of my letter. I am very sorry that we missed seeing you as you passed through Richmond, for it would have given both my daughter and myself sincere pleasure to meet you again. This is a changing and uncertain world. We had no idea one year ago that we would now be in this far off land, but Providence seemed to guide us here, and we find a most charming climate, and have been blest with good health. We hope our sojourn here may be only temporary, and that we may be permitted to return to Virginia in a few years at best. We will trust to be more fortunate in meeting you the next time you come south. With our kind regards and best wishes, I am Sincerely yours, M.A. Jackson. P.O. Box 312.”

Both sheets are lightly and evenly toned, with the usual horizontal folds.


MADISON, DOLLEY P. (1768-1849)

# 6490

U.S. First Lady - 1809-17

Autograph Quotation Signed, on the front leaf of a 5” x 8” letter-sheet.

“A Toast. ‘The Rights of man the Gift of God; The powers of government the Grant of the people.’ D.P. Madison. Washington, June 6th 1842.”

The letter-sheet is lightly and evenly toned, with light soiling and wear. There are two horizontal folds and old glue staining in the upper margin.



# 5797

Wife of Union General George B. McClellan; Daughter of Union General Randolph B. Marcy

Civil War-Date Autograph Letter Signed, two pages on separate sheets of a folded 3 ½” x 5 ½” embossed personal letter-sheet, responding to a request for her husband’s autograph. 

“Mr. Renshaw – I regret that I have no note of Genl. McClellan’s that I can give away – and when asked for his autographs am obliged to send merely his signature. If this will afford you any gratification I am very happy to enclose it to you. Yours & c, M.E. McClellan. New York City, May 19th/[18]62.”

At the time, General McClellan had completed his tentative advance up the York-James Peninsula to threaten Richmond, and he had written to his wife frequently during the month-long campaign. The letters which Mrs. McClellan was unwilling to part with would have undoubtedly contained significant insight into both the movement of the Army of the Potomac and her husband’s frustration at the continuous urging of President Lincoln for more aggressive action against the outnumbered Confederate defenders.

Lightly and evenly toned, with several light folds.



# 6481

U.S. First Lady - 1845-49

Signed Card, 2” x 3 ¾”, “Mrs. James K. Polk,” dated in another hand on reverse, May 4, 1887.”

Lightly and evenly toned, with minor bleeding of ink at the “P” in the last name.



# 6866

U.S. First Lady - 1933-1945

Typed Letter Signed, 6” x 7”, on Mrs. Roosevelt’s imprinted personal stationery.

New York, January 6, 1950. My dear Mr. Hallman: I have received your letter and I appreciate your writing. I am glad to know of the celebration that was held in Mexico. With many thanks and best wishes, Very sincerely yours, Eleanor Roosevelt.”

Condition is excellent, with a horizontal fold at the center.



# 6480

American Social Reformer; Author, Lecturer & Early Suffrage Movement Leader

Signed Card, 2 ¼” x 3 ½”, Elizabeth Cady Stanton.”



# 6681

American Abolitionist Writer – Authored “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”

Signed Card, 2 ¼” x 4 ¼”, with date and sentiment from Stowe’s Hartford, Connecticut home.

“Jan[uar]y 22, 1885. Very Truly Yours, H.B. Stowe, 49 Forest St., Hartford, Conn.

The card is lightly and evenly toned, with a few superficial stains.



# 6981

American Abolitionist Writer – Authored “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”

Signed Gold-Edged Card, 2 ¾” x 3 ¾”, with date and sentiment from her Hartford, Connecticut home.

“Truly Yours, H.B. Stowe, 49 Forest St., Hartford, Conn., Jan[uar]y 26, 1885.”

The card is lightly and evenly toned, with surface loss along the upper and lower edges, presumably from past mounting, and there are old glue stains on the reverse.


TAFT, HELEN H. (1861-1943)

# 7053

U.S. First Lady – 1909-13

Franking Signature, “Helen H. Taft, Free,” on a 3 ½” x 5 ½” black-bordered mourning envelope – due to the death of her husband, William Howard Taft, the previous spring – also addressed by Mrs. Taft, to “Mr. George A. Stare, 1152 Muirfield Road, Los Angeles, California.”

The envelope is lightly and evenly toned, with light soiling and wear. There is a small hole just above the address, which is intersected by the oddly positioned October 23, 1930, Washington, D.C. postmark.


VAN NESS, MARCIA BURNS (1782-1832) Philanthropist & Founder of the Washington, D.C. Orphan Asylum; Interred in the Van Ness Mausoleum; Wife of John Peter Van Ness, U.S. Representative – New York – 1801-03 & Mayor of Washington, D.C. – 1830-34

# 8133

Original Engraving, 6 ¾” x 9 ½” overall, with a printed facsimile signature beneath a 3 ¾” x 4 ½” image of Mrs. Van Ness, imprinted “Engraved by T.B. Welch from a Painting by F. Alexander.”

Lightly and evenly toned, with a few superficial stains.

Price: $15.00
21 Items.  Showing Items 1 thru 20.
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