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Signers of the Declaration of Independence

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# 7664

Signer of the Declaration of Independence – Rhode Island; Delegate to the Continental Congress – Rhode Island – 1774-76; Governor of the Colony of Rhode Island – 1755-57, 1758-62, 1763-65 & 1767-68

French and Indian War-Date Pay Order

War-Date Document Signed, 4 ¼” x 6 ¼”, a manuscript pay order “To Thos. Richardson, Esq[uire], Gen[eral] Treasurer,”  The document is co-signed by Hopkins’ fellow committeemen, assigned the task of preparing for war with France, later known as The French and Indian War, 1754-63.

“Newport, [Rhode Island], May 12, 1755. Sir, Pay Mr. George Lanton Sixty nine pounds, six shillings & six pence (old Tenor) in full of his al[lotmen]t for the French mens boat & charge the same to the Colony. Step. Hopkins.
The document is lightly and evenly toned, with clean paper separation along the center horizontal fold. The text of the document is unaffected by minor paper loss at the corners.



# 6189

Third U.S. President - 1801-09

MADISON, JAMES (1751-1836)
Fourth U.S. President - 1809-17

Partial Document Signed
, as President, “Th: Jefferson,” a 5 ¾” x 8 ½” portion of a four-language ship’s paper, issued at Baltimore, December 22, 1807. Countersigned by the Secretary of State, “James Madison.”

Several light creases, one passing through Jefferson’s signature, with paper loss in the blank left margin, well away from the signatures and text.



# 6492

Third U.S. President - 1801-09

Autograph Note Signed, 3” x 6 ¼”, a personal, handwritten dinner invitation. Although the year is unstated, the note can probably be traced to 1814, one of only two years after Jefferson’s presidency when the seventh day of November fell on a Monday. The other was 1825, the final year of his life.

“Th: Jefferson asks the favor of Mr. Davis to dine at Monticello tomorrow (Tuesday). Monday, Nov. 7.”

Bearing light soiling and wear, along with several fold lines and creases, the note has been affixed to a 7 ¾” x 9 ¾” sheet, with the manuscript notation, “Thos. Jefferson, Signer Declaration of Independence & President U. States,” above. There is show-through of the recipient’s name, “Mr. Davis,” also in Jefferson’s hand, from the reverse.


RUTLEDGE, EDWARD (1749-1800)

# 7564

Signer of the Declaration of Independence – South Carolina; Delegate to the Continental Congress – South Carolina – 1774-76; Captain in the South Carolina Militia – 1778-81; Governor of South Carolina – 1798-1800

Autograph Note Signed, on a 2” x 3” slip of paper, removed from a larger legal document.

“I appear for the Def[en]se in this Action. Ed. Rutledge, Att[orne]y, July 3, 1787.”

In excellent condition overall, the paper is lightly and evenly toned.


WALTON, GEORGE (1749-1804)

# 7665

Signer of the Declaration of Independence; U.S. Senator – Georgia – 1795-96; Governor of Georgia – 1789-90; Chief Justice of Georgia 1783-89

Document Signed, 8” x 12 ½”, Chatham County, Georgia, December 14, 1785, “Geo. Walton,” as Chief Justice of the Georgia Supreme Court, a manuscript legal document regarding the payment of a debt.

The document is evenly toned, with several stains and a few insignificant edge chips and tears. One word of text is affected by a small area of paper loss near the right edge, along the uppermost of three horizontal folds, another of which has been repaired on the reverse.

Price: $725.00


# 7559

Signer of the Declaration of Independence – New Hampshire; Delegate to the Continental Congress – New Hampshire – 1775-79; Brigadier General of New Hampshire Militia – Revolutionary War

Signature, “Wm. Whipple,” on a ¾” x 2 ½” slip of paper, inlaid to a lightly toned 4 ½” x 7 ¾” page.

Price: $1200.00