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NewBATE, WILLIAM BRIMAGE (1826-1905) Confederate Brigadier General; Colonel of the 2nd Tennessee Infantry; Veteran of the Mexican War; Governor of Tennessee – 1883-87; U.S. Senator – Tennessee – 1887-1905

# 11081

Signed Card, 2 ¼” x 4”, as Tennessee Governor, “Executive Office, Nashville, Tenn[essee], Wm. B. Bate.”



NewBLANCHARD, JAMES HUMPHREY (1872-1954) Prominent Post-Bellum Resident of Greenwood, Mississippi

# 9716

Signed Photograph, 6” x 8”, a silver-print image of Blanchard as a young man, circa 1900.  Signed in pencil on the reverse, “J.H. Blanchard, Greenwood, Miss[issippi],” with pencil notations in another hand just above, seemingly indicating an obituary or biographical placement in a local newspaper.

Excellent, with light toning and old mounting remnants on the reverse.

Price: $65.00

NewBUCKNER, SIMON BOLIVAR (1823-1914) Confederate Lieutenant General; Surrendered Fort Donelson, Tennessee to Union General Ulysses S. Grant – February, 1862; Veteran of the Mexican War; Governor of Kentucky – 1887-91

# 10988

Civil War-Date Document Signed, 7” x 9”, “S.B. Buckner, Maj[or] Gen[era]l Commanding,a manuscript listing of rations, “Abstract of Provisions issued from the 1st to the 31st day of December 1863 to the troops of the Confederate States stationed in the field by Capt[ain] I. Shelby, Jr…”

Lightly and evenly toned, with two horizontal folds.

Price: $525.00

NewBURNHAM, HIRAM (1811-72) Union Brigadier General; Colonel of the 6th Maine Volunteer Infantry; Killed-in-Action at the Battle of Chaffin’s Farm – September 29, 1864

# 10948

Civil War-Date Document Signed by a Killed-in-Action Union General

Document Signed, 7 ¾” x 12”, “Approved, Hiram Burnham, Col[onel] 6th Maine Vol[unteer]s,” a manuscript “Abstract of articles expended in the public service at Camp near Bell[e] Plains, V[irgini]a…in the month ending on the 31st December 1862.”  Countersigned three times, front and reverse, by Lieutenant Addison P. Buck.

Lightly and evenly toned, with a few superficial stains and three horizontal folds.

Price: $295.00

NewBURNHAM, HIRAM (1811-72) Union Brigadier General; Colonel of the 6th Maine Volunteer Infantry; Killed-in-Action at the Battle of Chaffin’s Farm – September 29, 1864

# 10997

Civil War-Date Document Signed Twice by a Killed-in-Action Colonel, later promoted to the rank of Brigadier General

Document Signed, 8” x 10”, Camp Griffin, Virginia, February 28, 1862, “Hiram Burnham, Col[onel],” a partly printed requisition for personal wood fuel the month.  Signed twice, at the mid and lower right.

Lightly and evenly toned, with a few superficial stains and two horizontal folds.

Price: $350.00

NewBUTLER, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN (1818-93) Union Major General; U.S. Congressman – Massachusetts – 1867-75 & 1877-79; U.S. Presidential Candidate – Greenback Party - 1884

# 10949

A Handwritten Civil War Pass for Butler’s Brother-in-Law

Civil War-Date Autograph Document Signed, on official 5” x 8” stationery, imprinted “HEAD QUARTERS, Department of Virginia and North Carolina.”

“In the field, June 10, 1864.  Pass Fisher A[mes] Hildreth, Esq[uire] and his wife to visit my Head Q[uarte]rs at Fortress Monroe.  Benj[amin] F. Butler, Maj[or] Gen[era]l Com[mandin]g.”

Lightly and evenly toned, with minor staining at the left edge and the expected folds.

Price: $350.00

NewCAMPBELL, JAMES (1812-93) U.S. Postmaster General – 1853-57; Attorney General of Pennsylvania – 1852-53; Prominent Antebellum Catholic Politician from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

# 10938

Signed Card, 2 ¼” x 3 ½”, “Very respectfully & truly, James Campbell, March 26, 1875.”

Lightly and evenly toned, with old mounting traces and pencil biographical notations on the reverse.

Price: $60.00

NewFILLMORE, MILLARD (1800-74) Thirteenth U.S. President - 1850-53; U.S. Vice President – 1849-50; U.S. Congressman – New York – 1833-35 & 1837-43

# 10959

Signed Album Page, 5 ¾” x 7 ¼”, “Millard Fillmore, Buffalo, N[ew] York,”  as U.S. Representative from New York, circa 1840.  Undoubtedly taken from a period autograph album, the single sheet is also signed, front and reverse, by eight of Fillmore’s colleagues in the U.S. House of Representatives: Christopher Morgan, New York; Richard Wigginton Thompson, Indiana (U.S. Navy Secretary - 1877-80); John Maynard, New York; Francis Granger, New York (U.S. Postmaster General - 1841); Samuel Lewis Hays, Virginia; John Campbell, South Carolina; John Patterson Bryan Maxwell, New Jersey; Thomas McKean Thompson McKennan, Pennsylvania (U.S. Secretary of the Interior – 1850).

Lightly and evenly toned, with minor staining; old binding chips at the left edge.

Price: $625.00

NewFOOTE, ANDREW HULL (1806-1863) Union Navy Officer, promoted to Rear Admiral on July 16, 1862

# 10651

Just days after the capture of Fort Donelson, Foote makes an appointment in the Western Gun Boat Flotilla, while General Ulysses S. Grant emerges as a champion of the Union.

Civil War-Date Document Signed, 8” x 12 ½”, a manuscript order appointing one G.B. Simmonds to the rank of second master.  Fort Donelson, at the time a Confederate installation on the Cumberland River in Tennessee, was surrendered on February 16, 1862, just three days prior to this order.  Union forces, including Flag Officer Foote, were under the command of General Ulysses S. Grant, whose action during the siege, battle, and capitulation – specifically his demand for “unconditional and immediate surrender” of the Confederate command at the fort - propelled him into national prominence.

“Be it known that reposing trust in the honor and ability of G.B. Simmonds, I do hereby appoint him a Second Master in the United States Gun Boat Flotilla on the Western Water to hold authority as a Second Master and to be obeyed by all persons under him in the service.  The appointment to hold good during the pleasure of the Commander in Chief of the Gun Boat Flotilla for the time being.  Given under my hand this 19th day of February A.D. Eighteen hundred and Sixty two.  A.H. Foote, Com[man]d[in]g U.S. Naval Forces in the Western Waters.”

Overall condition is very good, with light, even toning, a few minor stains, and the expected folds.


NewFRANKLIN, WILLIAM BUEL (1823-1903) U.S. Army Officer; Union Major General during the American Civil War

# 10884
Document Signed, 3 ½” x 8”, Des Moines, Iowa, April 1, 1891, “W.B. Franklin,” a partly printed receipt as treasurer of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers.
Lightly and evenly toned.

NewGEORGE, WALTER FRANKLIN (1878-1957) U.S. Senator – Georgia – 1922-57

# 10929

Signed Card, 3 ½” x 5 ¼”, as U.S. Senator from Georgia, “I am, Sincerely Yours, Walter F. George, U[nited] S[tates] S[enate], G[eorgi]a.  Sept[ember] 4, 1937.”

Very good condition overall, with several small stains.

Price: $25.00

NewGREELEY, HORACE (1811-72) American Editor & Abolitionist; Founder of the New York Tribune; Democratic Candidate for U.S. President - 1872

# 10932

Signature, “Horace Greeley, 6am, Amherst, N[ew] H[ampshire],” on a 2 ¾” x 3 ¾” slip of paper.


NewHAZARD, EBENEZER (1744-1817) U.S. Postmaster General - 1782-89; Postmaster of New York City & Surveyor General of the Continental Post Office during the American Revolutionary War

# 10933

Signature, “Ebenezer Hazard,” on a 1 ¼” x 3 ¼” slip of paper, an uncommon full signature removed from a larger letter or document.

Lightly and evenly toned, with a slightly irregular right edge; old pencil biographical notations on the reverse.

Price: $150.00

NewHUGHES, CHARLES EVANS, SR. (1868-1948) Chief Justice of the United States, Supreme Court – 1930-41; Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court – 1910-16; U.S. Secretary of State – 1921-25; Governor of New York – 1907-10

# 10939

Signed Card, 2 ½” x 3 ¾”, “Charles E. Hughes.”

Lightly and evenly toned, with minor staining.

Price: $50.00

NewJAMES, WILLIAM LEVIS (1833-1903) Union Brevet Brigadier General; Civil War Colonel in the Quartermaster’s Department

# 10888

War-Date Letter Signed – City Point, Virginia, September 1864 – Bills of Lading for the “Steamer Charlotte Vanderbilt.”

Civil War-Date Letter Signed, on an imprinted 7 ½” x 9 ½” form.  Partly printed, with the manuscript portions also being accomplished by James.

“Assistant Quartermaster’s Office, Fort Monroe, V[irgini]a, Sept[ember] 26th 1864.  Captain Col[onel] P.P. Pilkin, A[ssistant] Q[uarter] M[aster] City Point, Va.  Col[onel], I have the honor to enclose herewith, duplicate Bills of Lading for Public Stores, shipped this day per Steamer Charlotte Vanderbilt.  Please endorse and return one at your earliest convenience.  Very respectfully Your Ob[e]d[ien]t Servant, Wm. L. James, Capt[ain] and A[ssistant] Q[uarter] M[aster].”

Lightly and evenly toned, with two horizontal folds; there is a small tear, with minor paper loss, in the upper left corner.

Price: $85.00

NewJOHNSTON, JOSEPH EGGLESTON (1807-91) Confederate General – Virginia; U.S. Representative – Virginia – 1879-81; Veteran of the Mexican & Seminole Wars

# 10976

Signature, dated shortly before his death on March 21, 1891, “J.E. Johnston, Jan[uar]y 10th 1891,” on a 1 ½” x 3 ¼” slip of paper.

A light horizontal crease at the center, a spot or two of surface abrasion, and old mounting remnants on the reverse detract very little; portions of Johnston’s signature are somewhat light.


NewLOGAN, THOMAS MULDRUP (1840-1914) Confederate Brigadier General – South Carolina; The youngest general officer in the Confederate Army

# 10954

A Requisition for Hampton’s Legion

Civil War-Date Document Signed, 8” x 11”, Petersburg, Virginia, August 31, 1863, “Approved, T.M. Logan, L[ieutenan]t Col[on el] Com[man]d[in]g Reg[imen]t,” a partly printed requisition “For Quartermaster’s Stores for Hampton Legion, Stationed at Petersburg, V[irgini]a.”

On the brown “necessity paper” commonly used by the Confederate Army at the time, with several minor stains throughout; small tears and chips at the right edges.  While manuscript portions are somewhat light, Logan’s endorsement, at left center, is quite legible.

Price: $495.00

NewPAYNE, HENRY CLAY (1812-93) U.S. Postmaster General – 1902-04; Postmaster of Milwaukee, Wisconsin – 1876-86

# 10930

Signed Card, 2 ½” x 4 ¼”, imprinted as U.S. Postmaster General, “H.C. Payne.”

Lightly and evenly toned, with old mounting traces on the reverse.


NewSCATES, WALTER BENNETT (1808-86) Union Brevet Brigadier General; Attorney General of the State of Illinois – 1836-37; Served as Chief Justice of the Illinois Supreme Court – 1855; Collector of Customs for the Port of Chicago – 1866-69

# 10779

Civil War “Special Order,” directing a 13th U.S. Army Officer, mortally wounded at Vicksburg six months later, to report to Camp Butler

Document Signed, 8” x 10”, a manuscript special order, signed twice by Scates at the conclusion, directing 13th U.S. Infantry Captain Edward Crawford Washington, mortally wounded in the May 19, 1863 assault on Vicksburg, Mississippi, to report immediately to Camp Butler, near Springfield, Illinois, to enlist and pay bounty to the newly formed 128th Illinois Infantry.

“Head Quarters Springfield, Ill[inois], December 1, 1862.  Special orders No. 63.  Capt[ain] C. Washington, 13th Infantry, U.S.A. Disbursing Officer & c. Will proceed immediately to Camp Butler and pay bounty & premium to all the enlisted men of 128th Regiment Ill[inoi]s Infantry who have been mustered into the Service of the United States & report to these Head Quarters without delay.  By order of Major General John A. McClernand.  Walter B. Scates, Major & A[ssistant] A[djutant] Gen[era]l.  L[ieutenan]t G.W. Hill Will furnish Capt. Washington transportation.  W.B. Scates, Major & A.A. Genl.”

Exhibits the expected soiling, toning, and wear; water staining and clean separation, with no loss of paper, at the upper of two horizontal folds.


NewSEDDON, JAMES ALEXANDER (1815-80) Confederate Secretary of War – 1862-65; U.S. Representative – Virginia – 1845-47 & 1849-51

# 10947

Appointing an Officer in the 61st Virginia Infantry

Civil War-Date Document Signed, on imprinted 8” x 10” Confederate War Department stationery, Richmond, Virginia, May 12, 1864, “James A. Seddon,” a partly printed appointment for William Henry Stewart to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the 61st Virginia Infantry.  The unit was heavily engaged at the Civil War battles of Chancellorsville, Spotsylvania Court House, and Cold Harbor, Stewart being wounded at all three.

Lightly and evenly toned, with scattered stains and several chips at the corners and edges; there is a water stain at the lower left, well away from Seddon’s signature, and clean separation at two horizontal folds has been reinforced with archival tape on the reverse.

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