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NewKIRKWOOD, SAMUEL J. (1813-94)

# 7835

U.S. Interior Secretary – 1881-82; U.S. Senator – Iowa – 1866-67 & 1877-81; Governor of Iowa – 1860-64 & 1876-77

As Civil War Governor of Iowa, refused Virginia’s extradition of Barclay Coppock, a participant in John Brown’s Raid on Harpers Ferry

Signed Card, 2” x 3 ½”, “S.J. Kirkwood, Oct. 27/[18]87.”

Gilt-edged and virtually pristine, with a prefabricated, folded-back upper left corner, the card is affixed to larger backing.


MARTIN, CHARLES H. (1863-1946)

# 7768

Governor of Oregon – 1935-39

U.S. Congressman – Oregon – 1931-35

Served in the Spanish-American War & lead the Blackhawk Division in the Argonne during World War I, for which he was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal

Supported segregation and Jim Crow regulations in the U.S. Army

Commander of the Panama Canal Department – 1925-27

Retired as U.S. Army Major General in 1927

Signed Card, 3 ¼” x 5”, also dated by Martin as Oregon governor.

“Charles H. Martin, Gov[erno]r of Oregon, Salem, Nov[ember] 9th 1936.”

The card is lightly and evenly toned, with bleeding of ink in Martin’s middle initial, and there are old mounting remnants on the reverse.

Was: $30.00  SALE Price:  $22.50
List Price: $30.00

QUITMAN, JOHN A. (1799-1858)

# 6499

U.S. Major General - Mexican War; Democratic U.S. Representative – Mississippi - 1855-58; Governor of Mississippi – 1835-36 & 1850-51

A Mexican War veteran and ardent antebellum advocate of states' rights, Quitman died in Natchez, Mississippi in 1858, allegedly as a result of consuming poisoned food at the inaugural banquet of James Buchanan.

Signed Envelope, 3" x 5 ½”, “Free, J.A. Quitman, M.C.,” a franking signature as U.S. Congressman from Mississippi, also addressed by Quitman to his son, “F. Henry Quitman, E[squi]r[e], Houma, Terrebonne, Louis[ian]a,” and bearing a Washington, DC postmark.

Light soiling and wear.