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BAKER, SAMUEL A. (1874-1933)

# 7783

Governor of Missouri 1925-29

Signature, “Sam A. Baker,” on a 3” x 5” slip of paper, accompanied by a 7 ¼” x 10 ½” sheet of official imprinted stationery with a beautifully embossed gold Missouri state seal at the center.

Both pieces are in excellent condition, with very light, even toning, the larger sheet having two horizontal folds.

Was: $20.00  SALE Price:  $15.00
List Price: $20.00

NewCHAMBERLAIN, FRANK O. (1829-1902) Member of the New York State Assembly from Ontario County, 1891-92; Buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Canandaigua, New York

# 7788

Signed Photograph, a 4 ¼” x 6 ½” cabinet card, “F.O. Chamberlain, Ontario Co[unty].”

With front and reverse imprints of the Sterry Studio, Albany, New York, the card is in excellent condition.

Was: $45.00  SALE Price:  $35.00
List Price: $45.00

DONNELL, FORREST C. (1884-1980)

# 7803

Governor of Missouri – 1941-45; U.S. Senator – Missouri – 1945-51

Signed Card, 3” x 5”, lightly toned, “Forrest C. Donnell,” with typewritten sentiment and title of Missouri Governor.

Was: $15.00  SALE Price:  $10.00
List Price: $15.00

DOW, NEAL (1804-97)

# 7733

Union Brigadier General – Maine; Colonel of the 13th Maine Volunteer Infantry; Wounded and Captured during the Siege of Port Hudson, Louisiana on June 30, 1863, confined at Libby Prison, and subsequently exchanged for Confederate General William Henry Fitzhugh Lee, Son of Robert E. Lee; Mayor of Portland, Maine – 1851-52 & 1855-56; Candidate for U.S. President on the Prohibition Ticket – 1880

Civil War-Date Autograph Letter Signed

Sending a 6th N.Y. Infantry Corporal to Union General Nathaniel Banks for the Port Hudson Campaign

Autograph Letter Signed, 8” x 10”. From the Union encampment in New Orleans, Dow recommends 6th New York Corporal Charles E. Berger for return to his unit, under the command of General Nathaniel Banks, a month before Banks’ failed assault and subsequent siege to capture Port Hudson, Louisiana, the Confederate stronghold on the Mississippi River. Berger survived the campaign and was mustered out in New York City on June 25, 1863.  Dow’s letter is accompanied by a clerically handwritten special order, imprinted “Department of the Gulf, HEAD QUARTERS, DISTRICT OF PENSACOLA,” February 3, 1863, relieving Private Berger from duty in Pensacola and directing his passage to New Orleans.

“Head Quarters, U.S. Forces at Carrolton, April 7, 1863. The bearer of this, Chas. E. Berger, of the 6th N.Y. Vol[unteer]s, has been a clerk in the office of the Reg[iment] A[ssistant] A[djutant] General nearly five months, and has shown himself to be very competent to the duties of the position. He leaves me now by order of Gen. Banks to join his Regiment, whose term of service is nearly expired. I commend him to the kind regards of all with whom he may come in contact. Neal Dow, Brig[adier] Gen[eral] Commanding.”

Both letters have light toning, soiling, and wear, with minor paper loss at the edges of the expected horizontal folds, portions of which have been reinforced with archival tape on the reverse.

Was: $375.00  SALE Price:  $295.00
List Price: $375.00

DYE, EVA EMERY (1855-1947)

# 7801

American Historian, Suffragist, and Writer; Best known as the author of “Conquest: The True Story of Lewis & Clark”

Autograph Note Signed, 4 ¾”x 7 ¼”, undoubtedly a page from her book, “McLoughlin and Old Oregon.” Published in 1900, the book portrayed and romanticized the life of Dr. John McLoughlin, early Oregon settler later known as “The Father of Oregon,” whose general store in Oregon City was the last stop on the Oregon Trail.

“May we all emulate the virtues of this benevolent despot. Your friend, the author, Eva Emery Dye. Oregon City, Oregon, July 31, 1924.”

The page is lightly and evenly toned, with minor staining in the margins and at the edges.

Was: $95.00  SALE Price:  $65.00
List Price: $95.00

NewFORD, SAMUEL C. (1882-1961)

# 7746

Governor of Montana – 1941-49; Attorney General of Montana – 1917-21

Signature, “Sam C. Ford,” on a light 3” x 5” card, with a beautifully embossed gold state seal below, as Montana Governor.

Exceptional, with very light toning.


FORD, SAMUEL C. (1882-1961)

# 7777

Governor of Montana – 1941-49; Attorney General of Montana – 1917-21

Signed Card, 3” x 5”, as Montana Governor.

“Helena, Montana, Nov[ember] 29th 1948. Sam C. Ford, Governor of Montana, Jan[uary] 1941 - Jan[uary] 1949.”

The card is lightly and evenly toned, with biographical notations on the reverse.

Was: $20.00  SALE Price:  $15.00
List Price: $20.00

GARVEY, DAN EDWARD (1886-1974)

# 7766

Governor of Arizona – 1948-51; Arizona Secretary of State – 1942-48

Signature, “Dan E. Garvey,” on a 6 ¼” x 9 ¼” sheet of imprinted stationery, as Arizona governor, with a beautifully embossed gold seal just above.

The sheet has two horizontal folds, along with a few light creases and paper clip stains.

Was: $25.00  SALE Price:  $20.00
List Price: $25.00

GREEN, THEODORE F. (1867-1966)

# 7804

Governor of Rhode Island – 1933-37; U.S. Senator – Rhode Island – 1937-61

Signature, “Theodore Francis Green,” on the reverse of a lightly toned 3” x 4 ¾” index card, with typewritten title of Rhode Island Senator.

Was: $15.00  SALE Price:  $10.00
List Price: $15.00


# 7758

Governor of Georgia – 1955-59; Brigadier General of Georgia National Guard during World War II

Typed Letter Signed, on imprinted 8” x 11” stationery as Georgia governor, responding to an autograph request.

“Executive Department, Atlanta. December 31, 1956. Mr. Barry Goldsmith, 2986 Avenue V, Brooklyn 29, New York. Dear Barry: This will acknowledge and thank you for your postal card of recent date. The laws of the state prohibit the use of the Great Seal of Georgia except on legal documents. However, I am sending you the Seal of the Executive Department and my autograph which I hope will be suitable for your needs. I was nice hearing from you. With warm regards, I am Sincerely, Marvin Griffin.

The autograph and Executive Department seal mentioned by Griffin, on a light 3” x 5” card and in exceptional condition, accompanies the letter. The letter is lightly and evenly toned, with two horizontal folds and a few light creases.



# 7838

(3) Documents, the largest 8 ½ x 9”, two others 7 ¾” x 7 ¾”, partly printed forms, Tampa, Florida, imprinted “REDEMPTION CERTIFICATE, STATE OF FLORIDA, Hillsborough County.” Concerning land in Tampa, Florida that was sold for non-payment of taxes, and signed SECRETARIALLY for Circuit Court Clerk Henry L. Mitchell, former governor of Florida, two documents are dated December 27, 1900, and convey “…Lot 8 Mugges sub…of Mitchells sub” to “J. Henry Krause.” Dated November 11, 1898, the largest of the three conveys “Lot 10, Blk. 17, Highland Park” to the same individual.

Born in Germany, John Henry Krause settled in Tampa in 1855, worked as a blacksmith and wagon manufacturer, and served in the 7th Florida Infantry, Confederate, during the Civil War. He was involved in numerous business ventures afterward, most notably as a partner in the Hava-Tampa Cigar Company.

The family of Henry Laurens Mitchell moved from near Birmingham, Alabama to Tampa, Florida when young Mitchell was fifteen years old. He studied law, and was admitted to the bar at the age of eighteen. He enlisted in the Confederate Army at Tampa on June 6, 1861 as first lieutenant, rising to the rank of captain in the 4th Florida Infantry before resigning to take his elected seat in the Florida House of Representatives in 1863. He was re-elected in 1873 and 1875, served as associate justice in the Florida Supreme Court, 1888-91, Florida governor, 1893-97, and circuit court clerk and treasurer for Hillsborough County until his death in 1903.

Worthy of further research as to the disposition of the land, the documents exhibit the expected horizontal folds, along with several minor stains and small edge nicks and tears. As illustrated, one of the smaller documents has paper loss in the left margin, not affecting the text of the document.

Was: $125.00  SALE Price:  $75.00
List Price: $125.00

HORNER, HENRY (1878-1940)

# 7773

First Jewish Governor of Illinois – 1933-40 – Died in Office

Noted collector of Abraham Lincoln memorabilia, his collection was bequeathed to the people of Illinois, and now resides at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library in Springfield, Illinois

A noted Lincoln collector writes to a colleague

Typed Letter Signed, on imprinted 8 ¼” x 10 ½” stationery as Illinois Governor, to fellow Lincoln authority Emanuel Hertz, also Jewish, the brother of Chief Rabbi J.H. Hertz of England.

“August 9, 1937. Honorable Emanuel Hertz, 141 Broadway, Borough of Manhattan, New York City, N.Y. Dear Emanuel: This acknowledges your letter of August sixth. I surely would like to see the photostats you mention. When you are out this way you can give me a ring and I shall be glad to talk to you about them or you can let me look at them by mailing them to me. I hope you are well and have the best of good luck. Sincerely, Henry Horner.

The letter has heavier, somewhat irregular toning at the upper right edge, and there are two horizontal folds.

Was: $60.00  SALE Price:  $47.50
List Price: $60.00

JOHNSON, EDWIN C. (1884-1970)

# 7779

Governor of Colorado – 1933-37 & 1955-57; U.S. Senator – Colorado – 1937-55

Signature, “Ed C. Johnson, Colorado,” on a 4 ½” x 7” sheet of personalized desk memo paper, with a beautifully embossed gold state seal below, as Colorado Governor.

The sheet has light toning and soiling, with a horizontal fold at the center. There are several light creases, along with minor paper loss from the torn spindle holes at the top.

Was: $15.00  SALE Price:  $10.00
List Price: $15.00

JOHNSTON, OLIN D. (1896-1965)

# 7757

Governor of South Carolina – 1935-39 & 1943-45; U.S. Senator – South Carolina – 1945-65

Signature, on the reverse of a 3” x 5” index card with an embossed gold state seal, as South Carolina Governor, “Olin D. Johnston, Governor of S.C.”

The card is lightly and evenly toned, with several surface abrasions and a small hole near the lower left corner, and there is a light paper-clip indentation at the top.

Was: $20.00  SALE Price:  $15.00
List Price: $20.00

JOHNSTON, OLIN D. (1896-1965)

# 7786

Governor of South Carolina – 1935-39 & 1943-45; U.S. Senator – South Carolina – 1945-65

                                         World War II Date Letter

Typed Letter Signed, on official 8 ½” x 11” stationery as governor of South Carolina, thanking U.S. Postmaster General Frank C. Walker for congratulations extended upon Johnston’s election to the U.S. Senate.

                                             State of South Carolina, Office of the Governor
                                                   Columbia, November 22, 1944

Hon[orable] Frank C. Walker
Postmaster General
Washington, D.C.

Dear Frank:

                  I wish to thank you for your letter of congratulations in regard to my election to the United States Senate. I shall always cherish your friendship.

                                                                                        With kind regards, I am,

                                                                                                     Sincerely yours,

                                                                                                Olin D. Johnston

                                                                                                        Olin D. Johnston

Accompanied by the transmittal envelope, the letter is lightly and evenly toned, with the expected folds. A stamp of the postmaster general’s office at upper right indicates the letter was received on November 24, 1944.

Was: $40.00  SALE Price:  $30.00
List Price: $40.00

NewLANE, FRANKLIN K. (1864-1921)

# 7765

U.S. Secretary of the Interior – 1913-20; Chairman of the Interstate Commerce Commission - 1913

Typed Letter Signed, on imprinted 5 ½” x 9” stationery as U.S. Secretary of the Interior, to “Mr. John A. Stewart, 50 Church Street, New York City.”

“April 11, 1913. Dear Mr. Stewart: Your first letter, to which you refer in the present one of April 9, must have miscarried for I never received it. I appreciate the invitation to become an Honorary Vice-Chairman of the Committee for the Celebration of the One Hundredth Anniversary of Peace Among English-Speaking peoples. I am glad to accept on condition that the place is purely honorary, for as you know I am too busy with the work of the Department to give any real attention to other matters such as I would like to. Cordially yours, Franklin K. Lane.

The letter is lightly and evenly toned, with two horizontal folds and several light stains and creases. There is an old paper clip indentation in the upper right corner.

Was: $40.00  SALE Price:  $35.00
List Price: $40.00

PARK, GUY B. (1872-1946

# 7751

Governor of Missouri – 1933-37

Signature, on a 3 ¾” x 7 ¼” sheet with an embossed state seal, as Missouri Governor, “Guy B. Park.”

There are two small areas of irregular toning, at the upper and lower edges along the rightward of two vertical folds.

Was: $15.00  SALE Price:  $10.00
List Price: $15.00

PERKINS, GEORGE C. (1839-1923)

# 7793

Governor of California – 1880-83; U.S. Senator – California – 1893-1915

Typed Letter Signed, on imprinted stationery as U.S. Senator from California.

“December 26, 1908. Hon[orable] Henry H. Hart, C/o Jesse W. Lilienthal, Room 1206 Flood Building, San Francisco, California. My dear Sir: Your letter of the 11th instant at hand, and I take pleasure in sending under another cover copy of the President’s Message as you request. Yours very truly, Geo. C. Perkins.

The letter is lightly and evenly toned, with two horizontal folds, and is accompanied by the transmittal envelope.

Was: $20.00  SALE Price:  $15.00
List Price: $20.00


# 7723

Fearing Invasion and Bombardment from British Warships, the Defenses of New York City are prepared for the arrival of General Washington

Manuscript Document, 8” x 8 ¼”, in an unidentified hand, March 21 & 22, 1776. An historically important return for hardware issued in preparing the defenses of New York City just a month before the arrival of General Washington, quantities of tools being dispensed by Quartermaster Nicholas Quackenbush, “Pick Axes, Spaides, Iron Shovels, Shod Shovels, Crow Barrs, Saws, and W[heel] Barrows,” are listed at left and right.

Captioned at center, “On Account, Intrenching Tools delivered to the undermention[e]d Captains by N[icholas] Quack[enbu]sh…March 21st 1776, this day on duty,” and similarly entitled at mid-page for the following day, the commanders and locations in lower Manhattan for which the hardware is provided being enumerated below.

Stephen [?]…B[unker] Hill; Peter Houtenburgh…Fort; Sam[ue]l Johnson…B[unker] Hill; John Meaks…P[ack] Slip; Evert…Byrancks [Wharf], Exch[ange] Slip; W. K…Bur[lings] Slip; W. R…Fly Market; W. Denning…Beckman Slip (probably Committee of One Hundred member and Revolutionary War-era New York Congressman); A. Van D…Coffee House [Slip]; Robert Benson…Old Slip; Capt[ain] Minthorn…at the fort; ...Old Slip & Coffee House [Slip]; Burmingham…Bayerd hill; Wolf…B[unker] Hill & P[ack] Slip; John Turner…Broad Street; W. January, Beekm[an]’s [Wharf] & Burl[ing] Slip

After the year-long Siege of Boston forced the British to evacuate in March 1776, they turned their attention to New York City. Work on that city’s fortifications - virtually non-existent at the time – was begun by Continental Army General Charles Lee, who arrived in the ill-prepared city by order of General George Washington in late January 1776. Concerned for an uprising of the city’s sizable loyalist population and fearing bombardment by British warships in New York Harbor, Washington arrived and took command of the American forces in early April, just days after the accomplishment of this document. As expected, the warship HMS Asia arrived in New York Harbor on May 27, with another one hundred thirty ships from the British fleet soon to follow. The stage was set for the battles of Brooklyn Heights, Harlem Heights, White Plains, and Fort Washington. The city was evacuated in mid-November, and remained in British hands for the remainder of the war.

The document is lightly and evenly toned, with the expected folds and minor stains, and the bottom edge is somewhat irregular.


NewSMITH, FORREST (1886-1962)

# 7759

Governor of Missouri – 1949-53

Typed Letter Signed, on embossed 7 ¼” x 10 ½” stationery as Missouri Governor, responding to an autograph request.

“Executive Office, State of Missouri, Jefferson City. April 29, 1949. Mr. Thomas Shovan, 39 Ridge Road, Concord, New Hampshire. Dear Mr. Shovan: In accordance with your request of recent date, I am herewith enclosing a copy of my autograph. I am glad to grant your request. Yours very truly, Forrest Smith.

The letter is lightly and evenly toned, with several light creases, and there is an inconsequential paper-clip indentation at the upper edge.

Was: $25.00  SALE Price:  $20.00
List Price: $25.00
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