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Compiled from records which have been diligently studied over the centuries, AUTHENTIC AUTOGRAPH RESOURCES is the foremost comprehensive on-line source for research and authentication of manuscripts from all fields of human endeavor. Pricing and valuation information is not provided, nor are any of the illustrated items available for sale. As a scholarly work in progress, recently discovered exemplars are being added regularly.
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CUHL, PETER (1833-89) Prussian-Born Commission Merchant in Cairo, Illinois

# cuhlpeter

CUMMING, ALFRED (1829-1910) Confederate Brigadier General - Georgia

# cummingalfred

CURIE, MARIE (1867-1934) Polish-born French Physicist & Chemist

# curiemarie

CURRIER, CHARLES LOYAL (1828-?) Prominent Insurance Executive in Chicago, Illinois; Official in the American Insurance Company

# curriercharlesloyal

CURRY, JABEZ LAMAR MONROE (1825-1903) Confederate Congressman - Alabama 1861-64; Confederate Lieutenant Colonel of Cavalry; U.S. Representative Alabama 1857-61; Mexican War Private in the Texas Rangers

# curryjabezlamarmonroe

CURTIN, ANDREW GREGG (1817-94) Governor of Pennsylvania 1861-67; U.S. Representative Pennsylvania 1881-87

# curtinandrewgregg

CUSTER, BOSTON (1848-76) Brother of George Armstrong & Thomas Custer; Killed at the Battle of the Little Big Horn, June 25, 1876

# custerboston

CUSTER, ELIZABETH B. (1842-1933) Wife of 7th Cavalry Lieutenant Colonel George A. Custer; Author of Numerous Books on Her Husband and the American West

# custerelizabethb

CUSTER, GEORGE ARMSTRONG (1839-76) Union Major General of Cavalry Michigan; Lieutenant Colonel 7th U.S. Cavalry Killed-in-Action at Little Big Horn

# custergeorgea

CUSTER, THOMAS W. (1845-76) U.S. Army Officer; Twice awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for service during the American Civil War; Younger brother of George Armstrong Custer, in whose command he was killed-in-action at the Battle of Little Big Hor

# custerthomasw

CUSTIS, GEORGE WASHINGTON PARKE (1781-1857) American Author; Grandson of Martha Washington; Father-in-Law of Robert E. Lee; Owner of Arlington House

# custisgeorgewashingtonparke

CUTLER, AUGUSTUS W. (1827-97) U.S. Congressman New Jersey 1875-79

# cutleraugustusw

D'ANNUNZIO, GABRIELE, PRINCE OF MONTENEVOSO (1863-1938) Italian Poet, Orator, Journalist, Politician, and Army Officer during World War I

# dannunziogabriele

DACIER, ANNE LE FEVRE (1651-1720) French Scholar, Translator, and Editor

# dacierannelefevre

DADE, FRANCIS L. (ca.1793-1835) U.S. Army Officer; Ambushed and killed during the Second Seminole War near present-day Ocala, Florida, in what came to be known as the "Dade Massacre"

# dadefrancisl

DAGUERRE, LOUIS (1787-1851) French Artist & Photographer, recognized for his invention of the Daguerreotype

# daguerrelouis

DAHLGREN, JOHN A. (1809-70) Union Rear Admiral - Pennsylvania

# dahlgrenjohna

DAHLGREN, MADELEINE VINTON (1825-89) American Writer, Translator, and Anti-Suffragist; Married U.S. Admiral John A Dahlgren in 1865

# dahlgrenmadeleinevinton

DALE, RICHARD (1756-1826) American Revolutionary War, Officer in the Continental Navy; U.S. Navy Commodore First Barbary War

# dalerichard

DALLAS, ALEXANDER J. (1759-1817) U.S. Treasury Secretary - 1814-16; Acting U.S. Secretary of War - 1815

# dallasalexanderj
2311 Items.  Showing Items 761 thru 780.
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