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Compiled from records which have been diligently studied over the centuries, AUTHENTIC AUTOGRAPH LIBRARY is the foremost comprehensive on-line source for research and authentication of manuscripts from all fields of human endeavor. Pricing and valuation information is not provided, nor are any of the illustrated items available for sale. As a scholarly work in progress, recently discovered exemplars are being added regularly.
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AMYOT, JACQUES (1513-93), French Renaissance Writer & Translator

# amyotj

ANCONA, SYDENHAM ELNATHAN (1824-1913) U.S. Representative - Pennsylvania 1861-67

# anconasydenhamelnathan

ANCRUM, JOHN LAWRENCE (1839-1900) Confederate Navy Surgeon

# ancrumjohnlawrence

ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN (1805-75) Danish Author

# andersenhc

ANDERSON, JAMES PATTON (1822-72) Confederate Major General - Florida

# andersonjp

ANDERSON, JOSEPH H. (1800-70) U.S. Congressman New York 1843-47

# andersonjosephh

ANDERSON, JOSEPH REID (1813-92) Confederate Brigadier General Virginia; Superintendent of the Tredegar Iron Works in Richmond, Virginia

# andersonjosephreid

ANDERSON, MARIAN (1897-1993) African-American Contralto

# andersonm

ANDERSON, RICHARD CLOUGH, SR. (17501826) American Revolutionary War Lieutenant Colonel in the Virginia Militia; Father of Robert Anderson, Union commander at Fort Sumter during the opening engagement of the Civil War

# andersonrichardcloughsr

ANDERSON, RICHARD HERON (1821-79) Confederate Lieutenant General - South Carolina

# andersonrh

ANDERSON, ROBERT (1805-71) Union Brigadier General Kentucky; Defender of Fort Sumter in the opening engagement of the American Civil War

# andersonrobert

ANDERSON, ROBERT HOUSTOUN (1835-88) Confederate Brigadier General - Georgia

# andersonrh

ANDERSON, WILLIAM BLACK (1830-1901) Union Brevet Brigadier General; Colonel of the 60th Illinois Volunteer Infantry

# andersonwb

ANDRE, JOHN (1750- 80) American Revolutionary War, Major in the British Army; Hanged as a spy by the Continental Army for assisting Benedict Arnold's attempted surrender of the fort at West Point, New York to the British

# andrej

ANDREW, JOHN A. (1818-67) Governor of Massachusetts 1861-66, instrumental in enlisting some of the first units of Colored Troops for the Union, including the 54th Massachusetts Infantry

# andrewjohna

ANNE (1665-1714) Queen of England, Scotland, and Ireland 1702-07; Queen of Great Britain 1707-14

# anne

ANNE OF AUSTRIA (1601-66) Queen of France & Wife of Louis XIII 1615-43; Queen Regent of France 1643-51 during the minority of her son, Louis XIV

# anneofaustria

ANNE OF FRANCE (1461-1522) French Princess, eldest daughter of King Louis XI; Served as Queen Regent 1483-91 - during the minority of her brother, Charles VIII

# anneoffrance

ANTHONY, HENRY B. (1815-84) U.S. Senator Rhode Island 1859-84; Governor of Rhode Island 1849-51

# anthonyhb

ANTHONY, SUSAN B. (1820-1906) American Social Reformer

# anthonysusanb
1129 Items.  Showing Items 61 thru 80.
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